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Fan Feed 0 Discord My Little Pony 1 Discordianism 2 Operation Mindfuck. Universal Conquest Wiki. FandomShop Newsletter Join Fan Lab. This page uses content from Wikipedia. Trump had chosen a more eccentric path.

are absolutely right

Kek had begun to rear his reptilian head among the alt-right community. Acts of chaos, no matter how small, can grow out of hand very quickly, as Robert Anton Wilson learned back in the s. And yet, despite this initial success, within a year after his election, Trump had lost a great deal of his support. His approval ratings were at their lowest ebb in November of when the very first QAnon post appeared on 4chan.

Just a few weeks ago, on SalonI published a five-part series about the origins of QAnon. Over the course of the series, I chronicled the attempts made by an old friend to convince me of an outlandish conspiracy theory being promoted by a teeming mass of rabid online Trump supporters that have grown at an unbelievable rate over the past four years. According to my friend based on the information Q and his followers had been posting on the dark byways of the internetinitiates of the Illuminati had teamed up with subterranean demons to torture, rape, and eat kidnapped children in underground military bases ruled by the mortal enemies of Donald Trump.

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In these bases, the Elites extract adrenochrome from the children and ingest it like a recreational drug. As a result of this series, in which I concluded that QAnon is the catfish scheme of all catfish schemes, I received some interesting correspondence via email.

The Illuminatus! Trilogy is a series of three novels by American writers Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson, first published in The trilogy is a satirical, postmodern, science fiction-influenced adventure story; a drug-, sex-, and magic-laden trek through a number of conspiracy theories, both historical and imaginary, related to the authors' version of the Illuminati   Operation Mindfuck sought to suggest that anything anyone in the counterculture was doing at any time might just be part of an elaborate prank. This put outsiders in a difficult position: Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins   The excerpt is part of the chapter "Operation Mindfuck" and focuses on the role of the Discordian Pope, Robert Anton Wilson.] [Robert Anton] Wilson laid out the basic instructions for Operation Mindfuck in a memo sent to several friends (including [Paul] Krassner). Participants were "to circulate all rumors contributed by other members

You are all sick mother duckers. Go fuck yourselves. Fucking whiggers.

Sent From My I Phone X. I received this one as well, via Twitter:. Ron Jambo RonJambo7 Sep 14 Biggest load of biased kak I've read since the last CNN article I wasted my life reading.

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Who the fk gives a poop about your opinion apart from the that can't think for themselves. You don't know everything there is to know. Let ppl think for themselves and come to a design.

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I laid out the numerous obscure sources upon which the multilayered QAnon narrative has been manufactured. These sources include such colorful conspiratologists as Leo Taxil, Richard Shaver, Ray Palmer, Richard Sauder, William Cooper, Louis Tackwood, Alex Constantine, Walter Bowart, Maury Terry, John W. DeCamp, Gordon Thomas, Christopher Simpson, Jordan Maxwell, Mae Brussell, Lyndon LaRouche, Dr.

Peter Beter, and Jack McLamb. Most people outside the limited, solipsistic world of conspiracy research have never heard of these people, and yet trace elements of their theories are sprinkled all throughout the convoluted story that has become the QAnon storyline.

Would a fifteen-year-old kid on be able to convince a well-respected military figure like Major General Paul E. This operation is targeted not just at hardcore Christian evangelicals but also at wide swaths of the American population previously untapped by the Republican Party. There are plenty of non-Christians in this country who believe in the existence of demons and other paranormal beasties.

You can be a committed atheist and still buy the idea that a secret group of Satanists are kidnapping children and sacrificing them to deities these elitist devil worshippers believe to be real. Devotees can pick and choose from the QAnon platter which elements of the story they wish to indulge in. comOctober 14, accessed July 5, Christopher Panzner - Plate 95 Zarathustra's Discourses Drawing, Recently, Q has been posting a torrent of messages accusing members of Black Lives Matter of setting fires all along the west coast for the purpose of fomenting hatred against the Trump administration.

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Why members of Black Lives Matter would want to burn down states like California, Oregon, and Washington to direct hatred toward a Republican politician these states already voted against back inI have no idea. More than likely, the intent of these latest Q posts is to distract attention from something far more important.

The last two years, aid [to California] did eventually materialize, but likely despite, not because of the president. A man who demeans his perceived enemies more than any president then toys with punishing disaster victims for failing to support him politically. Talk about the arsonist playing firefighter. In the unfolding QAnon mythology, Black Lives Matter continues to be an ongoing nemesis.

In the middle of the George Floyd protests that swept across the United States in May and June of this year, several Confederate statues were toppled by members of Black Lives Matter.

Almost immediately, the QAnon crowd began sharing a meme featuring a photo that depicted a bronze statue of Baphomet erected by the Satanic Temple in Salem, Massachusetts. The meme questioned why the BLM protestors had not bothered to attack this particular statue. The implication: all BLM protestors are secretly Satanists.

No other reasonable explanation could exist, could it? For this QAnon crowd, the reality of the situation appears not to be obvious: the BLM protestors are not particularly afraid of bat-winged goat-gods erupting from the bowels of the earth to ravage their families; however, they are concerned about racist white men in uniforms arbitrarily wiping out their lives with no consequences whatsoever. This is a scenario that we, as a country, have seen repeated over and over again.

Operation mind fuck

And yet the QAnon crowd choose, instead, to be concerned about wholly invented scenarios involving adrenochrome-addicted Illuminati initiates kidnapping children off city streets and shoving them into the fanged maw of Baphomet.

Turning a blind eye to the truth, they pick up arms to fight off boogeymen.

What kind of people lead such tedious lives that they actually feel compelled to make up things to be afraid of? Black community used as pawns?

Welcome to the [Democratic] party. UNITY CREATES PEACE. UNITY IS HUMANITY. The people who hang on every new Q post accept this distorted portrayal of the BLM movement without skepticism. Or if it does occur to them, they consciously choose to believe in a lie instead. com article by Marc-Andre Argentino:. I have been studying the growth of the QAnon movement as part of my research into how extremist religious and political organizations create propaganda and recruit new members to ideological causes.

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On Feb. In turn, QAnon conspiracy theories serve as a lens to interpret the Bible itself. The Sunday service is led by Russ Wagner, leader of the Indiana-based OKM, and Kevin Bushey, a retired colonel running for election to the Maine House of Representatives.

The service begins with an opening prayer from Wagner that he says will protect the Zoom room from Satan. This is followed by an hour-long Bible study where Wagner might explain the Fall Cabal video that attendees had just watched or offer his observations on socio-political events from the previous week. Everything is explained though the lens of the Bible and QAnon narratives.

Bushey then does 45 minutes of decoding items that have appeared recently on the app called QMap that is used to share conspiracy theories. The last 15 minutes are dedicated to communion and prayer. Despite the growing popularity of the QAnon mythology among hardcore Christians, evangelicals are by no means the only ones being taken in by Q. The QAnon crowd includes libertarians, former liberals, disillusioned Democrats, conspiracy theorists, fans of the paranormal and High Strangeness, anarchists, accelerationists, and most disturbingly thousands upon thousands of otherwise typical voters who have become disenfranchised from an ineffectual Democratic Party that insists on drifting further and further away from the needs of the average person.

Moore paints the ironic picture of a group of academics sitting in a classroom afterhours, discussing their desperate desire for social change, sipping their Starbucks Frappuccinos, while only ten feet away from their little intellectual coffee klatch Koernke swept their garbage from the floor, completely ignored by these sensitive liberals.

If so, who is it? Why the hell even tryright, Martha? The cards are stacked against me and all right-thinking people. And besides.

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before I can even think about getting my life in order, I need to do something about all them poor kids trapped in those underground cages. Not those immigrant kids from Mexico, though! not at all. Oh, wait. I just realized something!

An average guy like me would never have access to intel like that. So what can I do about it then? Nothing, I guess. Trust in Q and Donald!

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comSeptember 16, accessed September 17, app accessed September 17, comMay 18, accessed September 17, Christopher Panzner - Plate 19 Of the Preachers of Death Drawing, QAnon is the most fascinating sociological experiment to be conducted on the American population in many years. Since the early s, a large segment of libertarians-the same kind who hung on the paranoid ravings of such militia leaders as the aforementioned Mark Koernke before he was imprisoned for assaulting police officers-have feared an imminent fascist coup in the United States.

Within only a few weeks, these same libertarians spun around and embraced the possibility of martial law merely because Q an anonymous poster on the internet declared that Trump would use martial law as a tool to destroy the dangerous cult of liberal Democrats, Satanists, and child molesters who are secretly in control of this country.

  Operation Mindfuck was a free-form art project-cum-prank-cum-political protest of the sixties and seventies, designed to sow the culture with paranoia. The key figures behind it were Kerry Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins   CIA Black Magic Aesthetika Black Impressum Sorcery Occult Viewer Discretion Advised May Cause Psychological Harm due to Psychic DrivingAuthor: MK Fawkes Operation Mindfuck or OM is an important practice in the religion Discordianism. The term was coined by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson in The Illuminatus! Trilogy. Its Patron Saint is The Midget. 1 History 2 Controversy Reigns 3 Patron Saint 4 Projects Ongoing projects OMGASM projects Completed projects 5 Alternate names 6 Conjects 7 External links OM was originally instigated

Within a short period of time, their entire worldview had been altered. The purpose is to distract the citizenry from the real problems, from the people who are actually controlling this country.

Now hold on a second. Are you some sort of secret Trump supporter, you son of a bitch? Are you saying the Deep State is real? Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport-author of such books as AIDS, INC. The phrase implies that what we see in everyday Washington, DC politics is little more than a false front, like those fake towns used in old Hollywood westerns in which grocery stores, hotels, and bullet-ridden saloons were really nothing more than a flimsy facade.

The true action occurred behind the scenes. Who directed the film?

Who wrote it? Who framed the shot? These key players, of course, are never shown on-screen. But is it literally true?

congratulate, this remarkable

The Satellite Government is not buried, nor is it hidden out of sight. But hardly anyone is looking in the right places. Christopher Panzner - Plate 23 Of Chastity Drawing, Consider Edgar Allan Poe. In Poe created the very first literary detective, Monsieur C. The entire police department has searched the room of the thief and come up empty-handed.

Hidden in plain view. Camouflaged by expectations. The Satellite Government is composed of corporations that continually orbit the centers of power in Washington, DC as reliably as the Earth revolves around the sun.

simply matchless

Taking full advantage of the all-encompassing powers granted to them by the National Security Act of and the Patriot Act ofthese corporations have gradually rolled back all constitutional guarantees, exploited millions of American citizens by using identities as sources of income, and have succeeded in building an empire out of the most anti-human, money-making schemes of the past two centuries.

In the name of fighting domestic and foreign terrorists, while magnifying paranoia through the branding of innocent citizens and human rights groups as dire threats against national security, these corporations have managed to normalize surveillance and harassment as the Order of the Day.

How many hours have Trumpist conservatives wasted being consumed by anger at the fictional occultists that have evolved into the main antagonists of the strategically devised QAnon storyline, in truth a massive psychological warfare operation deployed against the American people by a Trump-backed political think tank? These conservatives-many of whom no doubt have a sincere desire to learn the facts about the people in power who have manipulated them for so long-spend their days and nights composing inflammatory Twitter posts about liberal politicians they wish to believe are Satanist pedophiles who must extract precious bodily fluids from kidnapped waifs in order to remain in power.

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Imagine if these same conservatives redirected their frustration into researching the real people who are exploiting their hearts and minds and souls and imaginations? comMarch 4, accessed September 15, Christopher Panzner - Plate 6 Zarathustra's Prologue 6 Drawing, Why, the people whose jobs depend on a steady stream of potential terrorists, of course.

Who are the top-level managers of these little-known corporations?

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This is publicly available information. Sitting right there on the mantelpiece. In the letter holder. Perhaps, then, a real revolution of total disclosure would occur in this country.

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Most of them have died as a result of hunger, disease and war, the instruments that Connect with us. Hi, what are you looking for? In this article: booksconspiracy theoriesilluminatiOperation MindfuckRobert Anton Wilson. Underworld Insider - all HAARP turned on at full capacity. Conspiracies NASA is hiding the existence of the planet Nibiru according to a US Geosurvey scientist.

Operation Mindfuck, we called it. (We were all having a lot of fun with Discordianism. None of us were aware, yet, that Operation Mindfuck could get out of hand.) 7. Operation Mindfuck was essentially a series of nonviolent pranks and hoaxes that might, over time, upend the conservative Establishment   The contingency of truth - or the multiplicity of realities - is a great way to understand things existentially or ideologically, but it's impinged too deeply into the area of actual news versus fake news and science denial. That's probably what I mean when I say Operation   Operation Mindfuck mindfucked me. Judge Jim Garrison. In the late s, a brave New Orleans District Attorney suspected a coverup in the JFK assassination. Since crucial segments of the case fell within his jurisdiction, he initiated a secret investigation. Unfortunately, this investigation was immediately penetrated, revealed to the public

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