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Young woman causes twitter to explode with her sexy Subway selfie shoot.

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A woman has caused Twitter to erupt after she was filmed posing repeatedly for sexy selfies on a New York subway. With her camera perched up against a bag on an empty train seat, Jessica can be seen giving it her all in various sultry poses as she flaunts a skin tight, black dress. A young woman has caused Twitter to explode with her sexy Subway selfie shoot.

She goes through various poses with one hand on her hip, legs crossed over as she tilts forward, to squatting as she runs her hands through her long locks.

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She does various poses as she looks into her camera, perched on an empty seat. She can be seen ruffling her curly hair. She has since responded to the reaction, thanking people for their positive vibes while posting this snap with her Tweet.

The words "naked" and "Florida" have been used more than once over the years in headlines and sentences across multiple media outlets. This week it happened again

Jessica responded to her now viral videothanking Ben for posting the footage. To have the confidence to do this in front of others is powerful. I could never.

She also added a couple of photos from her train shoot - a close-up and another a standing pose looking over her shoulder - getting almostlikes by Monday morning. And pull-" Madge said as she yanked the teen's corset down and flashed her boob.

I'm sorry. Sexual harassment.

Heidi Klum Shares Topless Bathroom Selfie: 'Another Day at the Office' By Hillary Bautch AM PDT, July 15, Getty Images. The America's Got Talent judge is at it again!Estimated Reading Time: 1 min A secretary at Switzerland's parliament has lost her job for posting naked photos of herself on the internet. The woman, who has not been named, posed for several explicit "selfies" in her office Estimated Reading Time: 1 min Woman's sexy selfie shoot on train goes massively viral. A woman, now dubbed "Subway Bae", caused Twitter to explode after someone posted a video of her very sultry selfie session on a train

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Actions Facebook Tweet Email. Video shows woman strip off clothes, walk around naked at Miami International Airport.

Video shows a woman walking through the baggage claim area of Miami International Airport while removing all of her clothes.

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By: Scott Sutton. and last ated MORE: Latest headlines across Florida More news from Miami-Dade County Video recorded just before midnight Monday at the Miami International Airport baggage claim area shows a woman wearing only a bra and underwear while casually strutting her stuff.

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