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Soon after she helped end the tension between the two witch-families, they bumped into each other again while Paige was working on saving the soul of her boss. She devised a plan to save the innocent souls and sent Richard to inform Piper and Phoebe.

After that, they began a relationship.

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Eventually, with Piper's blessing, Paige moved into Richard's house in order to make it work, but everything got out of hand when Richard began to practice serious magic and is nearly corrupted by it. Richard, finally snapped out of his near insanity, relinquished his powers, and Paige ended their relationship to keep him from running into magic.

Paige once created her own Mr. Right to help her relax. Unbeknownst to her, by summoning Mr. Right, an evil duplicate of Mr. Right, Vincent, emerged. He used female demonic warriors to do his bidding, using the Charmed Ones' potions.

Phoebe made Mr. Right real as part of a plan to vanquish Vincent who kidnapped Paige, put her under a spell, and turned her evil, leading her to kidnapping the pregnant and clueless about what was going on Piper so she could be killed.

Phoebe rescued Piper and the two vanquished Vincent's minions and confronted Vincent. Phoebe realized that making Mr. Right real made Vincent real as well and Piper was able to vanquish him with her combustion power, freeing Paige. Later, Paige and the now real Mr. Right said goodbye and he went off to start a new life. DuringPaige had a short-lived but rather serious relationship with Homeland Security Agent, Kyle Brody.

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His obsession with the Avatars caused Paige to stand against her sisters when they decided to join the Avatars.

Their relationship ended abruptly when Kyle was killed by Avatar Beta. Kyle's actions against the Avatars were rewarded by the Elders when they made him into a Whitelighter. A couple years later, Paige and Kyle met again in the Heavens, and Paige learned that Kyle became an Elder after the original council was replaced because they tampered with people's lives too often.

However, he was killed a while later by the first witch, Neena. Kyle, being already dead, was found to be well and greeted Paige in limbo when she lingered in between life and death.

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Shortly after, Kyle helped the other Elders and the Warren witches in the battle against Neena. Forever Charmed Wikia Explore.

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Tamora Mitchell Kat Mitchell Henry Mitchell Jr. The Next Generation. Seasons Season 1. FANDOM Games Movies TV Video. Explore Wikis Community Central.

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Paige Matthews. History Talk 0. Becoming Charmed Paige becomes Charmed One year before the death of Prue Halliwell, Paige started to go to P3 as she felt a connection to the Halliwells.

Then Paige met Phoebe at the funeral of Prue where Phoebe had a vision of Shax killing Paige. Phoebe and her boyfriend Cole Turner went to check on Paige, trying to save her from Shax. When he attacked, Phoebe and Cole saw Paige orbing. After they rescued her they told Piper who summoned their grams and mother immediately. They explained Paige was their half-sister. Paige then arrived and met with her half-sisters at their home.

Upon shaking hands with Piper with Phoebe clutching to Paige's armthe chandelier above them began to glow and shine a blue light just like it did before when Phoebe reawakened the powers of herself and her sisters. Her first vanquish Shortly after that moment, Shax came bursting in through the front doors and knocked the sisters away.

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Shocked and in disbelief, Paige ran off to her boyfriend Shane, who was at the hospital. The Window of Opportunity The source impersonates Paige's boyfriend As Shax wasn?t successful in killing Paige, the Source of All Evil decided to use the Window of Opportunity to turn Paige against her sisters and make her his servant. Moving Into the Manor Paige doesn't want to move into the Manor Paige was reluctant at first when she was asked to move into the manor.

She felt that she would have no privacy after Piper and Phoebe had burst into her apartment.

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A more important reason was because she felt that Piper and Phoebe only wanted her to move in to fight the demons and warlocks and all the other foes the sisters faced.

She told this to Leo when he, on Piper's order, had to persuade Paige to move in. Dealing with her Adoptive Parents Death Paige tells her sisters what happened One night, as Piper and Cole run to help a woman in a car wreck, Paige freezes in fear, recalling the events of her parents' death. Paige explains to Piper and Phoebe how she feels guilty for their death every day, because she survived, even though it shouldn't have been possible. Reunited with Mark and Hellen Matthews However, as the day progresses, Paige is suspended from school for her rebellious behavior and discovers that she subconsciously orbed out of the car during the wreck.

Paige is devastated to have to watch the death of her parents a second time. Not Trusting Cole Turner Cole harasses Paige with magic Paige seemingly inherited Prue's distrust of Cole, believing that he had become a demon again. Ultimately, Paige was correct as Cole had been possessed by the Source of All Evil, and had taken Phoebe to be his queen.

Paige was left as the last sister standing as Piper consumed herself with guilt, blaming herself for losing Phoebe. After the defeat of The Source, the sisters were given the opportunity by an Angel of Destiny to retire from being witches.

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While Paige was against the idea, her sisters, who had been fighting evil longer and had lost more, were for it. After realizing how much good they do, to Paige's delight, the sisters decided to keep their powers. Becoming a Full Time Witch Paige quits her job Paige who had recently become promoted from assistant to social worker at her workplace is however, reluctant to the idea.

Thinking, she'll get more hours, but won't have enough time to still fulfill her duties as a witch as she had recently decided to devote her life to the craft. Being Compared to Prue Barbas confronts Paige about her greatest fear During her early years as a witch, Paige had a slight inferiority complex towards Prue.

Paige was jealous by the fact that Prue was this powerful witch with a full-time job, but Paige, who quit her full-time job, hadn't quite mastered the skills Prue had, culminating in feeling disappointed that she hadn't mastered Prue's Animal Conjuring Spell.

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Besides this, Paige felt that she had to work extremely hard to become accepted by her sisters and tried to fill Prue's shoes. Paige conjures doves When Barbas, the Demon of Fear attacked the Charmed Oneshe used that weakness to shake her.

Overall, Paige was able to overcome it once and for all when he attacked them head on. The potion originally meant to vanquish him was knocked back and smashed on the floor. Phoebe told her to orb the potion onto him, like Prue did using Telekinesis. Although, at first she didn't think it would work, she proceeded to do it and it vanquished him. Later that night, Paige finally masters Prue's Animal Conjuring spell by conjuring doves.

Empacing her Whitelighter Side Paige talks to Melissa Piper explains to Paige that being part Whitelighter is who she is, and it's the part that made Paige become a social worker.

When the Elders assign Paige to her first charge, she is very enthusiastic about it until she discovers that her charge is the man who gave her up, her biological father Sam Wilder.

Unfortunately, Paige is attacked by a Darklighter Arrow and Sam, who has become a drunken stupor is the only one who can save her. Through his love of Paige, Sam gets over his self-pity and gets his Whitelighter powers back, healing Paige in the knick of time. Temp Jobs with a Magical Purpose Paige at her temp job After realizing that consuming her life with witchcraft was the wrong path, Paige desired to have a life separate from magic.

She got a job at a temp agency in order to have some sense of normalcy. However, each one of her temp jobs held a magical purpose that would have Paige helping some sort of innocent.

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Through one of her temp jobs, Paige met fellow witch Richard Montana who had trouble with witchcraft, believing that his family's bad karma affected his usage of magic.

However, Paige was happy to finally have someone to do magic with besides her sisters. Unfortunately, Paige was forced to strip Richard's magic as he would lose control when he used it. Headmistress and Avatars Paige as headmistress After Gideon, headmaster of Magic School attempted to murder her nephew, Wyattthe Elders prepared to shut the school down.

During this time, Paige and her sisters prepared themselves from the "coming storm," meaning their encounter with the Avatars. Paige met and fell for Agent Kyle Brody of Homeland Security who was obsessed with killing the Avatars in revenge for the death of his parents.

  Paige Matthews is the youngest Charmed One, younger maternal half-sister of Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell. She is the biological mother of twins Tamora and Kat Mitchell, and the adoptive one of Henry Mitchell Jr. Paige is the adopted daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, and the biological one of Patty Halliwell and Sam Wilder. She is married to Henry Mitchell. Paige was left at a local Video Duration: 2 min Paige Matthews is the firstborn of the Charmed Ones. She is the wife of Henry Mitchell and the mother of their children, Tamora, Kat Mitchell, and their adopted son Henry Junior. Paige was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Matthews after she was left at a local church shortly after her birth. She met her half-sisters, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell, in after the death of her maternal grandmother Penny

Paige helped Kyle find out that it wasn't the Avatars who killed his parents though he still held onto his obsession with stopping their plans of Utopia, which cost him his life. Stepping down from Magic School and Zankou Paige after Kyle was killed After his death, Paige felt trapped within Magic School and desired to go out and live.

Coincidentally, Leo had recently become mortal so her sisters decided to have him take her place as Head of Magic School. Following this, Paige took on full-time whitelighter duties, becoming the guide of witches such as Mitchell Haines and a witch from New Zealand. Another one of her charges was Joanna, a future whitelighter who, with Paige's help, was trying to get herself out of an abusive relationship. Paige was devastated after finding Joanna dead at the hands of the demon Zankou. Meeting and Helping Billie Jenkins Paige meets her charge, Billie Jenkins In latePaige met a young blonde witch by the name of Billie who had just came into her powers.

Unknowingly, she kept calling for her whitelighter who happened to be Paige. Unlike Paige, Billie was more interested in fighting demons and didn't really care if she got injured or not. Paige and Billie Over the next couple of months, the sisters, more specifically Paige, helped Billie learn the craft and would often let her go out and fight demons by herself.

At one point, she accidentally got caught by Agent Murphy, a federal agent working on the supposed death of the sisters, which ultimately causes the sisters to remove their magical disguises which frustrates Paige. The Ulimate Battle The magical community turns against the Charmed Ones When Christy not only turned Billie, but the whole magical community against the sistersmaking them believe they didn't care for anything else but themselves anymore, Paige and her sisters were banished to the Underworld.

They were able to go to Phoebe's condo and prepare themselves to do what must be done and battle the Jenkins. Summoning the Hollow The sisters summon the Hollow, and kill The Triad, then proceed to orb into the Manor. The Battle then starts to begin, Billie and Christy throw fire, whilst The Charmed Ones counter with lightning. The fight causes a huge explosion which destroys the Manor and kills Paige as well as Phoebe and Christy.

Coop is devastated when he learns of Phoebe's death and gives a bereaved Piper his ring, so that she can travel back in time to save Phoebe and Paige. Piperalong with Leo, is taken to the past and recruits Patty and Grams. Then the four travel back to when the battle took place and are able to banish the Hollow before the manor is destroyed, and Phoebe and Paige are saved.

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Becoming a Mother and Brent Paige with her daughters After the sisters' last destined battle, Paige became unexpectedly pregnant and gave birth to twin girls, naming them Tamora Hellen Mitchell and Katrina Patty Mitchell in late June of The same year Piper and Leo welcomed there youngest and only daughter, Prudence Melinda Halliwell in late February. Along with Phoebe and Coop who became first time parents to there daughter, Prudence Johnna Halliwell in late November. Paige's charge is a bully During this time, Paige decided to recruit young witches for Magic School, sometimes guiding her own charges to attend.

After Paige attempted to put Brent on the right path, he was murdered by Neena and Hogan. Henry Jr. is born After a darklighter named Rennek kills a mortal homeless teenager, Paige attempts to heal her, but fails.

However, she was able to save her unborn child by orbing the baby out of the teenager's womb. She takes him back to her house, where Henry is waiting and extremely confused about the whole situation.

Charmed 4x4 - Paige And Phoebe Switch Bodies And The Zen Master Is Taken

Henry accepts Little Henry He worries that bringing a mortal child into their family will place it at greater risk. Paige met with Kyle who had become an elderwho revealed to her what was going on.

Paige Matthews is the firstborn of the Charmed Ones. She is the wife of Henry Mitchell and the mother of their children, Tamora, Kat Mitchell, and their adopted son Henry Junior. Paige was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Matthews after she was left at a local church shortly after her birth.

She met her half-sisters, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell, in after the death of her maternal grandmother Penny Halliwell. Paige is stubborn, strong-willed, and has issues with her biological father. One of Paige's main personality traits and something that she struggled with after becoming Charmed was her independence. For over 20 years, Paige went through life as an only child and attempted to retain her independence after finding her sisters, though she still loved them and considered them a blessing to her even if she sometimes had little disagreements with Piper because of how different they are much like Prue and Phoebe had.

During her teens, Paige was a rebel like her youngest sister Phoebe. She used to smoke and at one time was an alcoholic.

However, she matured heavily when both her adoptive parents died in a car accident. She cured a co-worker of his acne and performed other minor spells. When she cursed a lecherous co-worker with unwanted attention from women, the spell backfired and made her breasts grow to enormous size, giving her the same unwanted attention. Phoebe was able to reverse the effects in time for the two of them to confront Piper, who was being turned into a Fury.

Paige started her witch training soon after meeting her sisters, as Phoebe and Piper wanted to make sure she was up to speed, both for their sake and hers. She learned potion basics under Piper, but when mixing a potion she accidentally created a spell that swapped her soul with Phoebe's.

Although they tried to keep it a secret while they swapped souls back again, they had to confront the evil Zen student Yenlo trying to kill his former master.

They traveled to limbo and defeated Yenlo after swapping souls back. Having learned that magic and supernatural evil were real, Paige decided to investigate an old house that had always creeped her out.

In doing so she learned it was really the home of the demon Gammill and that her friend Finn was Gammill's golem creation.

She tried to protect Finn, but Gammill killed his creation for helping Paige. The demon was a collector of ceramic figurines made of shrunken women. He shrunk Phoebe and later got Piper and Paige too, but the three sisters were able to defeat and vanquish him, which returned them to their original size.

Paige then rekindled an on-again, off-again relationship with Glensomeone who was more than a friend but less than a boyfriend. She told him a story she thought she remembered from her childhood about an evil Enchantress who stole the love of a prince with magic. Meanwhile, a Shocker demon started hunting the Charmed Ones.

When Paige looked the Evil Enchantress up in the Book of Shadowsshe discovered an entry on her and the spell used to control the prince. Upon speaking the spell, the prince was called forward in time to be with Paige, who he thought was the Enchantress, and loved dearly because of the spell.

Phoebe and Piper then reasoned that Paige was the Enchantress reincarnated. The Evil Enchantress then went forward in time, following her prince. She attacked the Charmed Ones and took the prince back to her time, but was followed by Phoebe and Piper. Phoebe and Piper were captured because they lacked powers in the past. Paige was able to craft a spell to bring herself and Leo back to their time. With a swashbuckling intervention, Leo freed Piper and Phoebe as Paige used the Enchantress's powers against her.

The sisters then bound the Enchantress's powers and returned to their own time.

  TURNING THE PAIGE Golfer Paige Spiranac opens up on leaked naked photo that left her in tears before she 'got t**s out on her own terms' Paige Matthews is the youngest sister of the Charmed Ones. She is the wife of Henry Mitchell and the mother of their children, Tamora, Kat Mitchell, and their adopted son Henry was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Matthews after she was left at a local church shortly after her birth. She met her half-sisters, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell, in after the death of her eldest sister Prue Karen Young was the predecessor to Phoebe Halliwell as the advice columnist for The Bay Mirror. The job was passed onto Phoebe as Karen wanted to spend more time at home with her kids. She got the idea to give it to Phoebe as the latter had written her column for her when she was under the influence of the Power Brokers and Phoebe gave better advice than she did. Karen hated her boss Elise

After some internal struggle, as she was reluctant to give up her independence and Paige later moved into the Halliwell Manor. Paige is now the mother of two twin daughters.

She still lives with her husband in his house.

Paige goes back to Magic School and lecturis the new students. Jessalynone of the students, is bored and complains that instead of lectures given by middle aged, retired witches she wants to practice magic. Paige is offended and quickly responds that they are certainly not middle aged and that they are not retired but on a break since there haven't been many demons lately. Paige wants to teach Jessalyn a lesson and hands her the Book of Shadows, saying that if she wants to practice magic, that she can.

Jessalyn reads the - namibiatourism.infoing spellbut as soon as she finished casting the spell she changes into a seven story tall, monstrous demon.

Leo and Paige are both surprised.

  Charmed Writer Quit Once the Series Became About Getting the Cast Naked. Former Charmed writer Krista Vernoff says she decided to exit the show after being asked to write nude scenes involving the female leads. Krista Vernoff, who worked as a writer on The WB's original Charmed series, recently opened up about her decision to leave the show in Author: Keegan Prosser Paige Matthews is the youngest sister of the Charmed Ones. She is the wife of Henry Mitchell and the mother of little Henry and the twins Kat and Trish Mitchell. Paige was adopted by Mr, and Mrs. Matthews after she was left at a local church shortly after her birth, but met her half-sisters, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell, in after the death of her eldest sister Prue Halliwell Paige Matthews is one of Charmed, daughter of Patricia Halliwell and Sam was adopted and raised by Mark and Helen Matthews, and grew up without knowing about her magical origins. Paige met her biological family in , shortly after the death of her older half-sister, Prue then she found out about her powers and who she really was

She quickly orbs the Book of Shadows to a safe place. Although Paige knew it would backfire, it wasn't exactly what she thought would happen.

With the destruction of all the strong demons of the past, the sisters were finally able to have normal lives they still helped innocents, but things became much calmer than the girls' early years. Paige, used more of her time to embrace her inner whitelighter and help the next generation of witches and whitelighters come into their own, as well as to pass on her knowledge to her children and to her nieces and nephews. Telekinetic orbing- is the ability to move or teleport objects from one location to another through use of orbs.

Orb Shield- is a form of Force Field that can protect or contain things within and repel outside threats.

Remote Orbing is the ability to teleport other beings from one location to another through use of orbs without establishing physical contact. Paige is able to send attacks back in mid-air or by calling for them and sending them back. When she accidentally switched bodies with Phoebe while practicing on potions, she was granted with Phoebe's powers but was terrible at controlling levitation and never used premonition.

This came to an end when they used the same potion to return to their own bodies. Enter The Demon. When Paige traveled to the Medieval Ages to free her sisters from her past life incarnation, the Evil Enchantressshe discovered that she could channel the Enchantress' power to conjure the elements. With this power, she was able to shoot electricity and blow winds from her hands to distract the Enchantress long enough for Piper and Phoebe to bind her powers.

By traveling back to her own time, these powers were lost. A Knight To Remember. When Paige accidentally saw Cole use magic, he sent a demonic power broker after her. he infected with a deadly demonic power, which allowed her to shoot energy beams from her hands. In addition to the side effects, she grew from confusion to paranoia, and eventually became violent.

This power nearly killed her until Piper and Phoebe forced the power brokers to take the power out of her body, with assistance from Cole. The Fifth Halliwheel. When Paige was attacked by a sudden swarm of bats, she became a vampireand was granted the abilities to shapeshift into a bat, agilitysuper-strength and heightened senses. She adapted to her new powers very quickly. When Cole killed the vampire queen, Paige was returned to normal again because of the queen being vanquished before she had the chance to bite anyone.

Bite Me. A young witch named Kevin made a drawing of Paige and her sisters as superheroes to make them stronger than their witch-forms. As a superheroine, Paige was granted super-spee Super StrengthEnhanced Sensesinvulnerability and agility. Her superheroine ego was destroyed when the demon Arnon ripped apart the drawing that turned them into superheroes. Witches In Tights. A pair of wood nymphs chose her as their third nymph to replace their lost one and find their new satyr.

As a wood nymph, she was able to manifest nature as well as teleport through woods and grass. She became a witch again when she realized where her true nature lied in. Nymphs Just Wanna Have Fun. When Paige became a Goddess of War, she was given a Trident and with it, she was able to produce destructive lightning bolts. In additional, she could teleport in the form of lightning and project "war games" to practice battle plans. She was also able to form a protective shield with Piper and Phoebe, and catch a demon's energyball.

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Her new powers were eventually banished again after the Titans were destroyed. By wearing a Valkyrie's pendant, she became a Valkyrie and was given the power of telekinesis and other powers of one, but never used them. She used the pendant to create a portal between Valhalla and San Fransisco. By removing the Valkyrie pendant, she became a witch again. Valhalley of the Dolls, Part 1. Paige had died multiple times, but never used her abilities as a ghost until I Dream of Phoebewhere she was able to haunt those she targets and wisp to her desired location.

Since Phoebe used her ghost powers to possess a demon, it was no doubt that she could as well while still retaining her Wiccan and whitelighter powers.

I Dream of Phoebe. Paige was turned into a monster by a deadly virus in season 8and so was given super-strength and enhanced witches' powers. By creating a cure, the effects were removed before it could kill her.

Hulkus Pocus. In the final battle against Christy and Billieshe, Phoebe and Piper used the Hollow to make them invincible. Because the Hollow is known for absorbing people's magical powers, she and her sisters gained demonic powers after a demon tried to attack them. On their way to Christy and Billie, they also absorbed some other powers to make them more powerful. The demonic powers were removed after the Hollow was released from them. Kill Billie Vol. Paige earns a degree in social work and begins a career at the South Bay Social Services as an assistant.

She is not an official social worker, but she worked hard in the hope that one day she would become one. However, on the day she was finally promoted, she decided to quit in order to focus more on witchcraft. Though, when she got her first charge, in Sam I Amshe used being a social worker as her cover.

In the Season 8 episode, The Lost Picture ShowPaige attempted to get her job as a social worker back, but she was distracted with her father returning in need of her help. Paige eventually decided to stop being a full time witch and started taking on temp work.

In this capacity she comes across innocents to help in most of her positions. In one of her temp jobs, Paige is traumatized when her boss, Larryis killed by demons. Her sisters try to assure her that they cannot save every innocent, but Paige is convinced that she failed to save someone she was meant to help.

At Richard's suggestion, Paige summons Larry's soul. Larry reveals that he made a Faustian Deal with a demon named Zahn - Larry sold his soul to Zahn in exchange for Zahn giving him financial success.

Larry insists that Paige return his soul to Zahn so that the demon does not harm his wife, but Paige is determined to save Larry. Because of lack of support from her sisters, Paige turns to Richard who encourages her to follow her instincts. Paige summons Zahn and offers him a deal: in exchange for Paige selling her soul, Zahn will release Larry into his afterlife. Before Zahn can sell Paige's soul, Richard tells Piper and Phoebe what Paige has done and they storm Zahn's auction.

Piper manages to destroy Zahn's Faustian contracts which sets all of the souls he had acquired, including Paige's, free, and the sisters vanquish Zahn.

Realizing that there is not much excitement in her life and that Magic School was about to be closed, Paige decided to dedicate her time to saving it, as well as teaching the students the values and responsibility of magic.

In doing that, the Elders had made her the headmistress of Magic School. During this time Paige had a romantic interest in Agent Kyle Brody. She had allowed him to know much about the magical world as they would exchange information about what they know so far about the Avatars. Agent Brody was killed, but Paige learned that he was okay and had become a Whitelighter when he travelled back to see her briefly. Since Paige was getting tired of being cooped up in Magic School and Leo was turned human, Piper and Phoebe thought it was a good idea that Leo took over Magic School After reclaiming it from the demon's and after doing just that the charmed ones lived happily ever after.

From season 7 on, Paige took on regular Whitelighter duties.

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