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  Me and my cousin. It all started when I was 14 and my cousin Michael was 16, we were both in his bedroom one day and as usual we were talking about nothing in particular when he suddenly changed the subject and said that his dad had caught him naked in bed with one of his friends, at that time sex didn't mean a lot to me as it was something that was never talked about by anyone in the 60s All Day Naked. We're starting to get more stories in, so thanks! Here's one from Landon that we think you'll like. My family was staying in a hotel/condo right next to the beach with a pool outside. The adults announced they were leaving so my cousin and I would be by ourselves all day. At the time, I was 14 and my female cousin was 17 11 Stories. 44 Followers. Aunt Helen told me my cousins were down by the river, "swimming," she said. Somehow, I doubted that, and when I found them my suspicions were confirmed. I followed the windy, half-mile trail through the woods from the Tousled's brick rambler to the swimming hole

Fun Sex with My Family First my aunt, then sister and another aunt and sweet cousin. Vince confronts Persephone. Gay Incest Cousins Pt. Gay Incest Cousins James catches his curious cousin watching Gay porn.

Our cousin was going to visit us for a few weeks. She had never been to California, so it would be a big treat for her. They had been trying to get her to come for years, but it never worked out until that summer. Eventually the day came, and my parents picked her up from the airport. My cousin's name was Saeda   Playing Doctor With My Cousin. My cousin Lisa and I were always very close. I was an only child, and she was the youngest of four, but the only girl. We lived in the same town and were the same age, so from very early on, we were always hanging out. Even when we started school, up until we were adults, we stayed close friends, and often were School time, Christmas time and Summer Again. Fun with Stephanie and her friend. Widowed Muslim aunt, her daughter and me enjoy in Goa. Partings from Ostia Novus. Finally, time for a pregnancy. The queens stake their claim. and other exciting erotic stories at!

Tom's Summer Fun Ch. Over The Fields and Far Away Take Five or more Morgans. Eight Ball, Corner Pocket A fun stripping game between cousins leads to a lot of fun.

A Mother's Lust Pt. Kaley's Incest Adventure Pt. I Got Fucked by my Cousin [F] [28] How I hooked up with my cousin. Hidden Things Twins and their cousin put on a show for their uncle.

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Johnny Lee Wilson Ch. Golf Lessons For My Cousin Pt. Macy, Maddie, and Michaela's Milk Macy's cousin is introduced to their milk-crazed lifestyle. Bridesmaid Gets a DP Livy gets two virginities removed.

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Family Reunion Ch. Patsy and Her Cousins Ch. And Then Came the Honeymoon Honeymoon derailed by sexy cousin's April Fools Day prank. Stella's Incest Urges Ch. Uncle Charlie's Wake Cousins Reunite at a Family Gathering.

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Nick And His Two Sisters Pt. Solstice Ch. Long Weekends Pt. Burned Ch. The Story of Tiffany Tiffany goes to stay with her brother. Magic, Love, Family Pt. Can he escape?

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Cricket and Sister 2 Sinned Siblings and their Conflicting Emotions. The Skylark Solution Pt. I am not sure what happened but I felt her touching my machine gun from behind and that was the last thing I remember.

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I woke up in shock and looked around but it was only me and her and a bunch of used condoms in the room. Thank God she was still asleep when I woke up. I snuck to the front door when I noticed that everyone was asleep and no one saw me.

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I was so stressed I had to sleep the whole day tossing and turning, worried of what we had done. She came later that day, furious at me about leaving her there. It got to me because I knew what we did and it was something I was to take with me to the grave.

  cousin's naked breasts I began stroking myself. I couldn't help but imagine Jennifer and Taylor playing in the water, bearing their nude little boobs joyously. I jerked myself to climax. I felt a little weird about thinking about my cousins like that, but couldn't

For the best FunDza experience, login to FunDza. I slept with my cousin. Ayanda Makomfana.

Nude cousin stories

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People who enjoyed this, also enjoyed: Philosophy on Mathematics. Login to Comment. Ok I'll admit that also happened to me once???? but it is what it is and there is nothing you can do to change that.

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At the time, I was 14 and my female cousin was When we woke, everyone had already left and a note said they would be back about 1 pm that night. After a little bit, she said she was getting in the shower and so I decided to go ahead and take one, too.

When I got out, I noticed she was in the living room in her towel so I decided to stay in mine too.

After some small talk and TV, she proposed that we stay naked all day. She said great and then stood up and dropped her towel.

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Considering she is matured and is fairly large in the boob department, you can imagine why my penis shot up like a rocket! My face turned red and I said I never agreed to expose myself.

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She brought up the great point that she could see my boner through my towel so I obviously was open to the idea. The running made her boobs bounce around which somehow made my penis even harder.

She cornered me by the couch and when I tried to run past, her she tackled me onto the couch which put her flopping boobs in my face and I know she could feel my boner on her stomach. While still on top of me, she ripped the towel off of me and tossed it aside so now my actual penis was sliding across her leg there is nothing sexual in this story due to us being related I finally submitted and she got off me.

I actually agreed since it was completely deserted at the pool. We put towels around ourselves and went to the pool. No one asked about the towels, luckily.

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We waited till we were sure no one was on their balcony and then dropped our towels and jumped in. After a little bit, the gate opened.

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We panicked and swam to the side and put his ourselves against. A hot 15 or 16 year old girl walked in by herself and went to suntan.

Damn! I slept with my cousin. It was a sunny Saturday morning in It was already hot and I was bored like crazy. I had nothing to do, no one to go to and I was thirsty. My friends were all at work that weekend. I am such a bore, I thought to myself, who gets   My cousin gd and giggled and my aunt smiled. There i was totally naked in front of 3 females. Just then the doctor, also a female, walked in. She told me to sit on the exam table. My cousin had a great view of me nude. The doctor did her exam then she made me lay back and spread my she proceeded to exam ine my testicles and p****   Fucking My Cousins - Leanne , Leanne and Natasha are both my namibiatourism.infoa is my age, Leanne is 2 years older. True story but bits are exaggerated for the reader. One day I went to sleep over at my cousins house. I had to sleep in my cousin Leanne's room. I'll start by describing Leanne, she had mousy brown hair, freckles, a slim body, medium sized breasts and a perfect ass

We realized we would have to wait her out. After 15 long minutes she stood up and we thought we were in the clear but then she started to head over to us and put her legs in and started a conversation with us.

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When we pressed ourselves against the wall she put two and two together and asked us if we were naked. We said yeah, she then stood up, slid of her bottoms, took of her top and went and set it with our towels. This again made my penis shoot up like a rocket.


At first we were skeptical but then we thought about it.

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